Sanitizing Box O3


How to sterilize your garments in 10 minutes?

We have created a new system for sanitizing garments, bags, shoes to protect your clients, your employees and your business from COVID19!

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Sanitizing box characteristics:
Display: LCD
Active oxygen production : System for converting the oxygen with coronavirus into three atomic oxygen, fighting bacteria’s and disinfecting.
Power: 15W



This box is for different types of garments, it has two additional shelves in metallic mesh for: accessories, bags, sweaters, t-shirts, shoes etc.
10 minutes after closing the door, the goods will be sanitized.

Sanitizing box technical Characteristics O3-3m3

Structure: anodized aluminum profile
Panels: methacrylate with fire resistant characteristics (Fire resisting class B2)
Shop dimensions: 1200 x 2200 x H2500mm with on request colors
Box access: two sliding doors, semi tin for opening/closing, electric operation by pressing a button.

Sanitizing time: 10 minutes (can be programmed)


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